Sandrine Benani-Nunes is a French photographer living in San Francisco. Before beginning her life here in California she was born in Boulogne-Billancourt (just outside Paris) where she enjoyed a simple childhood with her parents and one brother. She says her interest in photography began as a young child when she would pass hours at a time going through her father’s photos. He had dusty suitcases and large albums filled to the brim with old family portraits, and photos of countless family vacations. She would often find herself spending an entire afternoon looking carefully at each picture and feeling as if she was taking a trip back in time. Her love for capturing life’s moments on film was born.

After completing her general studies in Paris she began to focus on her artistic education in St-Die-des Vosges where she received her degree in Photography Arts in 1994. She rounded out her studies by learning Photoshop, Illustrator, Xpress in 2000.

Sandrine then moved to the French Alps where she developed her craft. Benefiting from the outdoor sport culture, she began to sell her photos of skiing, paragliding, equestrian and cycling (Tour de France).

In 2001 Sandrine discovered charming San Francisco and decided to call it home. When she’s not shooting portraits, wedding or sporting events, she enjoys spending time with her husband, doing outdoor sports and working with children (she teaches French to toddlers in Marin County .